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Hospital Yanting

Estos motores incluyen motores diesel no viales, motores diesel marinos, alternadores y grupos electrógenos, que forman parte de los generadores principales o de reserva y se utilizan con frecuencia en comunicaciones, ferrocarriles, petróleo, aeropuertos, hospitales, exploración de campo y otras aplicaciones.

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Project Location: Mianyang, China Project Unit Information: Selected and equipped with 1000kW National III EFI diesel generator set from Shangyan Power

Project introduction: Yanting County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was established in 1984. It is a modern second-class second-class traditional Chinese medicine hospital integrating medical treatment, first aid, rehabilitation, scientific research and teaching. It has successively won the honorary titles of city and county-level advanced units of health, civilized units, municipal-level garden-style units, and advanced units of traditional Chinese medicine. The hospital adopts the 1000kW National III EFI diesel generator set of Shangyan Power as emergency backup.

Customer feedback: The power of Shangyan, which originated in 1993, is synonymous with high cost performance and real quality!

This type diesel engine has a power of 206KW, and it assembles with synchronous brushless motor into a generator set, which can be used in commercial electricity like real estate, hotel, bank, etc., and industrial electricity like mining, oil field, building construction, field exploration, etc.
The diesel engine can also be compatibly used with fire hydro pump to serve for firefighting.
Moreover, the engine can be assembled with water suction pump and sand pump as pumping set to be used for sand excavating machine, water pump and other agricultural machinery.

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